Architecture Walks

October 24, 2021Architecture Walk 2014

Nob Hill Neighborhood Association and reDiscover Nob Hill hosted their 13th Annual Architecture Walk. Walkers explored the genesis of Nob Hill as Albuquerque grew above the sand hills and onto the east mesa in the early 20th century. Owing to a fortunate chain of events most of that early architecture survives, making Nob Hill one of the best preserved early automobile-oriented suburbs in the country.

This walk provided a view of two of Nob Hill’s 6 residential subdivisions. Walkers learned to read historic houses, how to research their own house, and how to perform sensitive maintenance and remodeling in a way that preserves Nob Hill’s distinctive historic character.

They started in front of the 1947 Nob Hill hopping Center, proceeded through 1916 University Heights and 1925 Granada Heights, then to 316 Amherst Dr. for a social time.

If you have a house in the area that retains much of its historic character and would like to provide your yard for a reception at the end a future walk please let us know. If you have information or questions about your house we are always interested in hearing from you.

We limit sign ups so all can hear. The next walk in Fall 2022 will be publicized here and at