Our Schools

Monte Vista Kids Nov 1947 PA1980-184-735012

This image shows students entering Monte Vista Elementary School in November 1947 when the school was 17 years young. Today Monte Vista students are celebrating Nob Hill’s 1ooth birthday with banners they have designed which now hang on light posts along Central Avenue in Nob Hill. One side of each banners was designed by Monte Vista students. The flip side was donated by Eli Quinn, principal of Q Creative

Nob Hilleños are grateful to PNM for hanging the banners. Their technicians take on the extra work of hanging banners for us early on weekend mornings when they have time to break away from their normal duties making emergency repairs to keep electricity flowing to our homes and businesses. Thank you PNM!!!

Sign and Image Factory made our banners, donating much of their material and skill, and Nob Hill Neighborhood Association donated $450 for the remaining cost of the banners.

Thank you, students and teachers of Monte Vista Elementary and leader Jeff Tuttle. Go out and enjoy your banners!