Short Film: Nob Hill is 100

In 2016 Nob Hill celebrated its 100th birthday. The community created the short film Nob Hill is 100  which premiered on February 23, 2015 Thank you to co-sponsors Nob Hill Neighborhood Association and Nob Hill Main Street

Watch the film here!

Videographed by Joel Ortiz and edited by Mikel Arraiz, this film documents the founding of Nob Hill by Col. D.K.B. Sellers in 1916, explores its development, and frames the celebrations of 2016. In its own words:

2016 marks the 100th anniversary of Nob Hill…..Its people celebrate

  • our cultural and architectural legacy
  • our sense of place
  • our traditions and ways of life
  • our schools and our students
  • our faith community
  • the heyday of Route 66
  • our revitalization in the 80’s
  • our diverse community past and present
  • …and the imagination of Col. D.K.B. Sellers


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